iEvolve protects your Information

iEvolve is a Digital Assistant for your information. We recognize that your information belongs to you and is private and confidential.

iEvolve maintains all your information securely and confidentially. Information is encrypted at all times and can only be read by you. Information is backed up in our systems securely and with encryption for enhanced protection.

Our privacy policy ensures that all data ownership of your information is exclusively with you and no one other than you will have access to your information.

When you share information with your team or others, you expressly grant iEvolve the right to provide access to those that you have authorized for this information. You can withdraw this right at any time and the information will no longer be available to others.

We are bound by national and state regulations and law. In case of a regulatory request for information we may be required to provide access. We will do so only when it is absolutely necessary and after providing due notice to you for remedies.

Enjoy the privacy, confidentially and security with which you can entrust iEvolve with your information.