iEvolve works on all Devices

iEvolve works on all major mobile and computing devices. Information is synced between devices and always updated.

iEvolve is also available for browsers and can be safely used on public devices. This enables you to access and use iEvolve at any time on any available device.

All versions of iEvolve on various devices offer similar functionality and user experience. Any variations in specific versions are only to ensure full compatibility and use of the device's characteristics and user experience guidelines.

We constantly update iEvolve versions to stay current with all devices. Our support period for prior versions is for a period of two years at least. In most instances you will be able to use iEvolve on older versions as well but we do not support and test on them after a period of two years from the date of release of the version.

For best results, experience and functionality we recommend that you update your device and operating systems to be current. iEvolve will also use features and capabilities provided by these new devices and operating systems to provide you with current and superior performance and experience.