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iEvolve organizes information easily, securely and privately. Search and recall anytime anywhere. Good for personal, work, business.

Organize all your Information

iEvolve lets you organize all your information in notes, contacts, schedules and documents. Safely, quickly, confidentially, securely. You can search and read your information anytime, anywhere instantly. Information is synced across devices and you can switch from device to device as you travel, work, meet and rest. Feel the power of iEvolve and the freedom you can experience, knowing your information is always a few clicks away.


All your notes, thoughts, ideas, writings, reports and any other text information can be saved to notes. Notes can be edited, updated and shared. Notes can have rich text including bold, italic, emoticons and emojis. Notes are searchable with full text and can have titles for easy identification.



All your contacts past and present can be added to iEvolve and available anytime you need them. Friends, family, acquaintances, co-workers, business associates, services, stores, just about anyone you would like to retain for future contact can be saved. You can search by name, description or any of the information for instant recall.



Upload your documents - personal, financial, business, work and others - safely, privately and securely. So you can read them anytime, share and print as you need. Images, audio, videos, documents, spreadsheets, presentations, zip files, just about anything that you would like to maintain for future reference. Add name, description and keywords for quick and accurate search.



Manage all your schedules and plans here and get reminded. Appointments, meetings, tasks, events, travel, reminders, just about anything that needs to be done by a date and time can be added and be available for you to remember and complete. Update with status like completed or rescheduled, update and add notes and documents to them for a single point of reference.


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