iEvolve is your Personal Digital Assistant for your information

We all have large volumes of information and much more coming to us all the time. Much of this information is good to retain and refer when we need.

We also have time related information such as appointments, meetings, events and tasks. These are needed to plan and organize our time. Reminders help us keep track of them.

iEvolve works like your personal digital assistant. You enter information into iEvolve in any format and it is saved and stored and available for you any time that you need.

iEvolve also arranges your schedule the way you would like it and reminds you about upcoming activities with friendly notifications.

Documents and files that you receive can also be stored in iEvolve and recalled anytime you need them.

All the information that you have in iEvolve can be searched and located with just a few clicks and search words. In moments you can have all your information presented back to you and you can refer these anytime you need them.

When you want to share your information and would also like to allow others to edit your information you can provide safe access to them and withdraw these at any time. Information always remains with your control and is updated and managed for you.

iEvolve is simple and easy to use. As a personal digital assistant iEvolve can help you manage your information and schedules well and stay on top of your agenda.